LiveSportscaster Adds Affiliate Program For Professional Boxing And MMA Events

Published by: LiveSportscaster
01/15/2021 07:09 PM
Views: 1,470 has launched a new proprietary affiliate system for our Professional Boxing and MMA Pay-Per-View events. As of today, when a user purchases a PPV digital ticket from one of our upcoming events, they will be able to select the pro fighter's name they are purchasing for. These selections are tracked and available for reporting following the event. Livesportscaster and/or the fight promotion will be able to pay a percentage of the PPV revenue to the pro fighter based on their contract.

This method of tracking professional fighter digital ticket sales is the first in the industry, and helps professional fighters and promotions sustain revenue from the lack of in-person ticket sales due to COVID-19.  


For more information please contact Veercast Digital Media.


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