Veercast Digital Media Unveils New Live Streaming CDN Labeled "Veercast"

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10/19/2020 08:23 PM
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Veercast Digital Media, Parent company of has launched its very own Content Delivery Network (CDN) simply called, "Veercast".  Veercast will utilize the latest technology to enable Live Streaming within the platform with the click of a few buttons. Users will be able to register for an account, or upgrade their account to "Premium" to utilize the live streaming features.    


Veercast Digital Media President, Matt McCarthy says that "The streaming technology we will be using is built on the same technology as Twitch.  Users will be able to register for an account, and instantly be able to stream Live, with High Definition video using their favorite hardware or software encoder.  The streams will have unlimited redundancy for the possibility of millions of viewers with no worry of servers crashing or buffering on the side of the end user.  Even better, the Veercast CDN will offer live transcoding depending on the viewers internet connection.  So no matter how slow the internet speed is of the viewer, they will be able to watch streams buffer-free".


Veercast is built to be future proof, and will be implementing many features in the coming months to help live streamers engage their audience.  Veercast streams will have minimal latency (as little as 2 seconds), which will allow streamers the ability to interact with their audience nearly instantly. has nearly 3,000 active users, and the new Veercast CDN will give them an easy way to go live for a fraction of the cost of many other paid CDN’s.


Please visit to learn more about Veercast Digital Media and the other services offered.   

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