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Overview of Features

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Services Features is not just your average podcasting platform.  We offer a variety of features that will help you get your content into the hands of the people that matter...  Your Listeners!  We offer features to help monetize, manage, and distribute your content around the world.



What features should I expect from a account?


  • UNLIMITED storage
  • UNLIMITED bandwidth
  • Cloud storage using Amazon s3 servers
  • Your own podcasting channel
  • Your own iTunes/Stitcher compatible RSS feed (audio podcasts only)
  • Pre-Roll and post-roll ads for monitization
  • Google Adsense ad integration
  • HTML5 video and audio player
  • Basic statistics (for measuring podcast downloads)
  • Embed single podcast episodes, or your entire podcast playlist
  • Mobile site for smartphone compatibility
  • LIVE audio/video streaming
  • Automatic broadcast archiving



At this time, is offering all these features 100% Free!  No cost, no obligation, no worries!


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