New LiveSportscaster Features Released! Version

Published by: LiveSportscaster
12/01/2013 05:22 PM has released a new update effective 12/1/2013.  This is the most significant update since our initial launch in January 2013.  Many new features and fixes have been packed into the new update.  Below is the change log. 


NEW FEATURE - Option to Create EmbedClip, automatically, from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion video URL. The LiveSportscaster will fetch the title, description, image and duration from the corresponding Website and will also apply the appropriate embed code.


NEW FEATURE -LiveSportscaster Channel Embed is now available.  In the past, it was only possible to embed individual podcasts/videos/live streams.  LiveSportscaster now allows the embed of your entire playlist!  This means that you will only need to create one page on your website, paste the embed code, and your LiveSportscaster channel will automatically update on YOUR website.  This leads to a more seamless look and feel on your website, and keeps your website visitors on your website instead of ours. 



ENHANCEMENT - General front-end optimizations

ENHANCEMENT - Playlist generation was optimized


Several other fixes and enhancements

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